About Us

Who We Are

Dembel City Centre (DCC) is a beautiful flowery-yellow multi story building, located at Africa Avenue on the road to the Air Port of Addis Ababa. It is one of the first Western-style shopping malls in Ethiopia built in 2002. It is covering about 40,000m2 of floor area with basement ground floor and 12 stories, is one of the best buildings in Ethiopia. The twelve-floor structure has more than 123 spaces for shops and offices.

It has a modern well- secured double deck parking with a capacity of 500 vehicles at a time. The City Centre is embracing a mosaic of shops and markets under one roof providing most of the services required by customers at reasonable price. This building is planned to accommodate additional shops, gymnasiums, conference halls and other businesses. Dembel City Centre is known for its well-trained, efficient round the clock security guards and assisted by surveillance camera. The professional attendants are always there for the safety of customers.


To create eco-friendly and unique shopping and offices experience for customers with unmatched value in terms of quality of services, while continuously exploring new market opportunities and adding value to all its business associates.


To be the leading eco-friendly for entirely with fine shopping experience and professional management services excellence in Africa.

Core Values

Caring and Committed to the community, Creative in saving the environment, Honest and Integrity in conducting business, Provide a pleasant, safe and comfortable business experience, Responsible through commitment and respect and Listen and act our tenants, customers, employees and business partners

Business Principle

Sharing a sense of lively business participation


Dembel City Center always strives to follow ethical business practices in all spheres of activities right from attracting of tenants, customers, employees and business partners around the world and ensuring satisfaction and bringing happiness to all.

Strategic Direction

The strategic direction of Dembel City Center is that we would be building on the basic idea of interdependence between the Mall and the stakeholders. It focuses on the mutual business benefits that can accrue out of formal collaborated business management between the DCC and the stakeholders.

Organizational Structure

Management Team

Yemiru Nega
Managing Director /Founder

Yemrun@yencomad.com, info@yencomad.com

+251 11 5 51 40 87/ 53 75 85/ 53 37 66

Nigat Gugsa
Deputy, Manager and Marketing Manager


+251 115 53 53 14

Abebe Mengesha
Mall Manager


+251 115 53 75 89

Desta Kifle
Head, HR & General Service Section


+251 115 54 78 24

Bayu Bekele
Head, Finance


+251 115 52 52 67

Col. Denekew Abebe
Head, Security & Safety


+251 115 15 00 55